The Armoire Story

The Armoire is the result of 35+ years of expert experience, tips, tricks, & time tested protocols. It started by friends asking “can you teach me how to grow just one plant?”

Some of the people got it. Some didn’t. Many failed. When the genetics of Autoflowering strains started coming to fruition, the lightbulb went on! Autoflowers have features and properties that would allow us to create a system and protocol for growing robust plants easier for all Gardner’s —with little or no prior experience (green thumb not required).

After four years of prototyping and testing, we created a system and process that is ready for prime time. The Armoire isn’t JUST a piece of hardware though — it goes hand-in-hand with our unique process and proprietary components to create a total solution (it is also your drying station).


Our Mission

To create a culture and community of self-reliance, that is dedicated to indoor gardening and growing organic, premium herbs.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see more people taking their herbal lifestyle into their own hands, using a proven process for producing premium plants and herbs.

our incredible team

Inhouse Grow Experts


Eric Robichaud​

25+ years experience building and growing businesses (serial entrepreneur). Started in software engineering and morphed to an “interactive agency” over the last 15 years. Founded Green Goddess Supply 6 years ago.​

Vincent Bitetti

25+ years experience building and growing businesses. Took a garage startup through IPO and beyond. Ran public NASDAQ company, brought in 7-figure investors, deal with mergers and acquisitions.