The Armoire 60 - Cherry Finish

the armoire cherry finish

The Armoire 60 - Cherry Finish

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Welcome to the REVOLUTIONARY new home grow system -- The Armoire! 

Unlike large, ugly, smelly grow tents, The Armoire is designed to look like furniture (hence the name) so that it discreetly flies under radar, so to speak. 

It's also sized (25" x 25" and 54" tall) to be small and super light - easy to move, and perfect for small apartments. If you have a small apartment in a big city, you'd never get a large tent in there, but you CAN fit The Armoire -- and the quiet operation and lack of smell make it a perfect fit! 

The Armoire is a complete kit. It not only contains everything you need to be successful (except water, soil and the seed - and we'll even suggest where you can get those!) but ALSO INCLUDES our own PROPRIETARY PROTOCOL.  Indeed, we have our own proprietary process for growing plants in this finely tuned BioChamber. 

If you can water a houseplant, you can get top shelf, high quality flower in as little as 60 days on your first attempt!   

And wait, it gets better -- we're also getting 3 to 4 times the normal yield from a plant!   That's right, we get outsized results with The Armoire. 

It just keeps getting better, too -- the cost of our complete system is cheaper than that trying to put together an old-fashioned tent system by buying all the pieces individually and putting it together on your own.  And  The Armoire is safer (runs cool, and the entire system is tuned for low heat and low electrical usage).

Armoire customers will have access to our Concierge setup services/support, and more!

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Customer Reviews

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Greg Jaeckel
Don’t bother

Too small. Gets too hot. Built exceedingly cheap. Had mine for 1 year and sold it for 200 bucks. Built a better and bigger box in a couple hours. This thing is a POS.

David, Armoire Customer in CA
A Simpler System - Love it!

I love that the cabinet simplifies the growing and tending process. So much fun to use and perfect for someone like me that doesn’t want to deal with the large tents in the bedroom or garage anymore.

The Armoire is the real

I’m in Virginia, where it became legal to home grow last July. I began shopping for ‘solutions’ to try home growing my own. I’m too familiar with options to purchase in the ‘less than legal’ market, and what that costs. That helped educate me on my options. I’m an IT guy, and quickly realized I wanted a “solution”, not just the physical components… as I searched, I figured out that there are folks selling tents, fans, lights, and all the rest of the components needed… some even package them… however nobody I found also offered tutoring to help me learn HOW TO USE all those parts and pieces… until I found the Armoire. The concierge support you get with the Armoire, through my first grow where I produced 129 grams of quality bud, as advertised paying for the Armoire in my first grow, cannot be beat! That support is so good that I decided to buy the next year to continue my education… and I keep producing… :)

First thing I’ve kept alive

I do not have a green thumb…at all. Not only did I keep my plant alive, I ended up with 2.75 ounces. Started my next grow the same day I finished drying my first plant.

Follow the protocol and make full use of the concierge service. You can’t rush nature, but GGS has optimized the natural process to our great advantage in a nice looking and small footprint.

Allen A
The real deal. Look no further.

The unit has exceeded all of my expectations. High quality materials in the build and high quality tech in the light and filtration. The pics and videos don't do it justice.
Its my first grow ever and they have provided an amazing, week-by-week, day-to-day even, system that makes me feel confident I understand what I'm doing. The concierge service and FB group is like having a panel of experts at your fingertips night and day. They will email, text, hold webinars, and even facetime with you thru the whole process. Its like a mentorship to becoming a quality personal grower. Priceless.
It was a big financial leap for me and I am 100% sure I did the right thing. Thank you Green Goddess!


I purchased this Armoire a few months back. It was easy to set up. The employees are very friendly and willing to help in anyway that they can.  It comes with almost everything you need.  Super stylish and doesn't take much room. I would definitely recommend this to someone that doesn't have a lot of space. 

Courtney in MA

“My baby girl is getting bigger and beautiful - she is flowering big time!!!

 It's very tall and the pictures really don't do it justice. It's unbelievable how many flowers I have!”

-Donna in Massachusetts

The Green Goddess Supply team has added immense value to our growing experience with use of the Armoire, as they have advised every step of the way. We don't feel alone to figure this out and are excited for our first harvest! 

Luke in UT

I bought the Amoire for a couple reasons. I wanted to grow quality flower without having to take up a decent amount of space, and I wanted something that was “turn-key”.  The Armoire is everything it’s advertised to be. The customer service is fantastic and very knowledgeable. I would love to own a second Armoire to have a nice rotation of dank buds!

Austin in MA