The Unicorn Series 160W LED Grow Light

The Unicorn Series 160W LED Grow Light

The Unicorn Series 160W LED Grow Light

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We call it the "Unicorn Light" because we couldn't find anything quite like it off the shelf, so we had to build it ourselves!  This LED light uses state-of-the-art COB lights in combination with traditional diodes to create a light designed for use in confined spaces, such as inside The Armoire.  This light will bathe the entire space in light, covering the precise spectrum needed.   We've create a light that's high in PAR, with super low wattage and low power consumption.  This not only keeps costs down, but also lowers the heat signature of the unit. 

Dimmable knobs provide you with precise control over light output (versus just on/off switches for veg & bloom like most traditional "old school" lights). 

Add our unique design flair, and you have a great little unit that punches way about its weight class, so to speak.


I purchased this Armoire a few months back. It was easy to set up. The employees are very friendly and willing to help in anyway that they can.  It comes with almost everything you need.  Super stylish and doesn't take much room. I would definitely recommend this to someone that doesn't have a lot of space. 

Courtney in MA

“My baby girl is getting bigger and beautiful - she is flowering big time!!!

 It's very tall and the pictures really don't do it justice. It's unbelievable how many flowers I have!”

-Donna in Massachusetts

The Green Goddess Supply team has added immense value to our growing experience with use of the Armoire, as they have advised every step of the way. We don't feel alone to figure this out and are excited for our first harvest! 

Luke in UT

I bought the Amoire for a couple reasons. I wanted to grow quality flower without having to take up a decent amount of space, and I wanted something that was “turn-key”.  The Armoire is everything it’s advertised to be. The customer service is fantastic and very knowledgeable. I would love to own a second Armoire to have a nice rotation of dank buds!

Austin in MA