We are sold out of ready-to-ship units.  A new batch lands October 14th.

Every batch has sold out within hours of landing, so don’t delay in buying now and locking in your purchase. Units will ship out to home in mid-October, the moment they land.  

The Armoire - Barnboard Finish



The Armoire would like to announce the introduction of MODERNE Black, the first update since introducing the Armoire furniture-inspired home grow system last summer. MODERNE Black—a new Signature Series finish offers a classic low-sheen black woodgrain veneer, with ultra modern stainless steel door handles and matching legs.

Due to high demand, the company has announced an Allocation Policy based on finish options. Cherry, Barn Board, and now MODERNE Black are almost exclusively “built to anticipated demand” based on previous order shipments. Retailers and Direct Purchase consumers should place their orders now to ensure September and Holiday Season shipments.

Payment Plans

  • 3 interest-free payments of $531.67
  • No Credit Check, No Application, No Registraation
  • Zero Late Fees
  • Works with existing credit
  • Does not work with debit card
  • 12 Monthly payments of $150
  • Pay only the minimum each month, or more to avoid interest
  • If purchase paid in full within 12 months, no interest will be charged
  • Creates new line of credit

Ultra Discreet

Looks like furniture.

The Armoire is plug & play – the unit can be shipped almost anywhere and requires minimal setup.  Organically grown tomatoes and other plants can do quite well in our BioChamber.


Grow high-yielding legal herbs
in as little as 60 days!

The Armoire is specifically designed to give you consistent, impressive results every grow cycle. With its powerful LED light and optimized growth environment, your plant will bloom free of pests and molds.

What's in the box?

Everything but the Seed, Water and Soil!

The Armoire BioChamber comes with everything you need to start growing right away except (as noted) the consumables – seed, water and soil. We provide our special proprietary light, fans, pot, meters, camera and more! Plus, we provide a list of our vetted, trusted online seed banks, and we will point you to the best, organic soil.

Grow with Us!

Be a Part of Our Community!

A fully waterproof camera is included. You can view your plant from any Wi-Fi location, day or night. You can post photos for other community members with our “Armoire App”, get watering and feeding reminders, and more!

Protect your Armoire

Extend the Warranty!

Extend the length of your in-house concierge service to 21 months, prolong the warranty of the carbon scrubber, LEDS, and more!

Buyer's Choice

Check Out Our New MODERNE Black Finish!

Looking for a little variety? We offer the classic Cherry Wood Finish as the optimal tone for most households, the previously released Barn Board Finish, and the newly released MODERNE Black Finish.