We are sold out of ready-to-ship units.  A new batch lands October 14th.

Every batch has sold out within hours of landing, so don’t delay in buying now and locking in your purchase. Units will ship out to home in mid-October, the moment they land.  

Frequently Asked Questions

The Armoire’s energy consumption is less than an average tower PC. Energy consumption, on a national average, is about $7/month. And of course the cabinet is designed to be re-usable and last for years and years.

The Armoire is shipped directly to your home, in the similar fashion as a furniture or dishwasher delivery. Delivery is typically via a small box truck. The Armoire is packaged in foam and cardboard. Although the Armoire is not heavy, it’s big enough that we would suggest having a second person to help unbox and carry it into your home.

Everything you need to grow a plant, except the water, soil and a seed, which are the “consumables” that you will replace for each new grow cycle.

  • The main cabinet itself – the bio chamber, with child safety lock
  • 12 Spectrum, high PAR, low-heat LED
  • Super efficient, consumer accessible exhaust fan
  • Long lasting carbon scrubber
  • Customer accessible atmospheric fan assembly’s
  • Moisture Meter
  • Cloth/Breathable 5 gallon Grow Pot
  • Large water collection saucer
  • Hygrometer- Digital Temperature & Humidity read out
  • Remote View/Wi-Fi Camera

The Armoire is specifically designed to be as quiet as possible, and contain all odors. For example, it’s quieter than typical livingroom aquarium setup. When your plant is flowering you may smell it when you open the door to water it, but when closed up, you should not have any lingering scents.

You unpack it from the shipping box and follow the Quick Start Guide. It’s about a 30 minute, one-time routine to assemble and set it up.

Select a room to place it in (it comes in wood like finishes—looks like furniture), keep it out of the sun, make sure your room doesn’t get to cold or too warm (we recommend ambient room temperature between 65-76 degrees Fahrenheit.)

Fill the cloth grow pot with soil & water & plant your seed in the center. Once all the components are plugged into the surge protector, fire it up Doc!

We provide step-by-step instructions from planting your seed all the way through harvest.

We recommend using a small portable hand vacuum like a “Dustbuster” to vacuum any loose soil or leaf matter from the floor of the Armoire, and then wipe down the walls with a clean damp cloth.

LED Lights in general enjoy up to 10 year lifespans – this is one of the great benefits of LED lights over older technology. We warranty the light for 3 years.

We call it “The Armoire” because it looks like furniture. Of course it isn’t. But it’s designed to masquerade as furniture. Its footprint is 25″ x 25″ and the cabinet is 50″ tall.

Stated another way – it’s about 2 foot square and roughly 4 and 1/2 feet tall when the legs are attached.

The unit only weighs about 40 pounds.

The average is about 150 watts, eighteen hours per day, during growth phase. While electricity costs can vary and your usage of the box can vary, a pretty good national average “rule of thumb” is about $7/month.

The Armoire should be placed in the coolest room of the house.  Try to keep it out of direct sunlight. Ambient room temperature should be no colder than 65 degrees Farenheit, and no hotter than 76 degrees Farenheit.  Normally we time the “dark period” to be during the evening hours when it’s naturally dark out, but if you find the room is a bit on the warmer side, you can time the “dark period” (when the light is off) to be during the hottest time of the day.   Do not place common house plants near or on The Armoire – you do not want to introduce pests from outside sources such as supermarket-bought plants.

Yes! This is one of the greatest benefits of growing indoors. Autoflowering seeds can realistically produce 5 cycles per year on average.